Pond Design, Construction & Installation Services

Residential, Commercial, Water Gardens, Water Features, Waterfalls, Fountains

Hemphill's specializes in the design, construction and maintenance of a wide variety of residential and commercial ponds and water gardens for customers throughout Maryland, Washington DC, and Pennsylvania. We are a full service landscaping, water garden, and pond company. From new pond designs to construction, surrounding landscape, maintenance, and cleaning we will have your pond looking amazing.

  • We custom design ponds and then build them on your property, to your specifications
  • Our professional installation team makes house calls
  • We come to your location to discuss your dream pond and water garden
  • Custom Designed Specialty Ponds installed throughout Maryland, DC, and PA




For all your Landscaping, Garden, and Pond Supplies

Pond Installation Services we offer

Pond Designs

  • General / One Time Pond Maintenance
  • Circulation / Filtration System Check
  • Replacement of Filters, Pumps, Liners, and Other Pond Features as needed
  • One Time Problems / Issues - Algae Control, Deterring Undesirable Wildlife
  • Contract Maintenance Available

Pond Installation

  • Seasonal Maintenance (such as Spring Pond Cleaning and Winterization of Ponds)
  • Consultation Services
  • Waste Buildup and Debris Removal
  • Water Conditioning / Algae Control
  • Pump and Intake Screens Inspected and Thoroughly Cleaned
  • Restart Circulation / Filtration Equipment
  • Aquatic Plants Pruned, Cleaned, or Replaced as Needed

Pond Landscaping

  • General Landscaping
  • Pond / Water Garden Landscaping

Specific landscaping and pond services may vary depending on the size of the property, age of the pond, equipment, time of the year, and amount of work to be done. We will be happy to come to your Baltimore location (additional service areas also available throughout Maryland, Washington DC, and Pennsylvania) to discuss your particular pond and landscaping needs. A quote will be prepared for just the services and supplies you need.