Warranty on Trees

Planting New TreesTrees are living things and, despite doing everything properly, occasionally one dies from the stress of being transplanted. When we install your trees, we give you a one year Warranty for no additional charge. 90% of the problems we encounter after planting are related to the trees not being watered. This Warranty only applies if you have watered your trees in accordance with the instructions below and otherwise taken care of them. The Warranty does not apply to damage to your trees from "Acts of Nature" such as floods, earthquakes, snow, high winds, etc. Your property insurance may cover that type of damage.

Our Warranty covers the replacement of a tree planted by our professional installation team, that dies due to natural causes other than Acts of Nature or lack of care within one year of us planting it. If we cannot get a replacement tree of equivalant size or style, or if such tree was unique or is not something we carry or have in stock, we will refund your money at our option. There are no other warranties, express or implied, and we are not responsible for any direct, indirect, special or consequential damages above the amount that you have paid us. We will provide a replacement tree as outlined for up to one year after we install it if the tree dies.


This warranty only applies to trees we install on your property.

  • This warranty guarantees each tree we plant for up to 1 (one) year from the date we plant it.
  • Limit of one replacement tree for each original tree purchased due to normal loss of the tree excluding Acts of Nature or lack of care.
  • A replacement tree will be of the same size and specimen as purchased or original cost of the tree that died will be refunded.
  • Prior to replacement, we will come out to inspect the dead tree and the replacement tree will be delivered at no charge.
  • Installation of a replacement tree is not included in the Warranty, just the tree and delivery of the replacement tree.
  • Installation of a replacement tree is available at the current planting rate.
  • We will have up to, but no longer than, 90 days to provide the replacement.
  • Warranty will be void if customer attempts to remove and replant the tree in a different location.


Most problems with newly planted trees are water-related. Proper watering of a new tree is extremely important, particularly during the first year after it is planted. New trees have compact, burlapped rootballs. Until they have had time to extend their roots, your new trees can only access water that is put directly on the rootball. Be sure your new tree gets the water it needs by following the instructions below. If you pay attention to your tree, and follow these directions, your new tree should do well.


First Watering After PlantingWatering newly planted trees

If your new trees are planted from November to March, the trees are in their dormant state and the rain will take care of it.

If your new trees are planted from April to October, you should "water in" all newly-planted trees. This means to saturate the ground in order to fill in micro-air pockets in the soil.

Use a hose and direct the water over the rootball. Leave the water on for about 15-20 minutes for each new tree. Then test whether you have watered enough by feeling the soil with your fingers. Press your finger down into the soil 6-8 inches above the rootball of one of your new trees. If the soil is moist down 6-8 inches, then you are in good shape. If it is not wet that far down, then you need to water more. How long you need to water to achieve this soil moisture will depend on how well your soil retains water and your water pressure.

Watering During the First Year

Important: Watering during the first spring and summer after planting is critical to the success of your tree(s). We also recommend that you continue to water well the second year after planting, particularly during hot days or if we planted larger trees for you.

When to Start and Stop Watering During the Year

Trees do not need to be watered when they are dormant, roughly November-March in Maryland. The soil will begin to dry out sometime in April or May from the warmer weather. This is usually when you should start your watering on a regular basis and continue throughout the spring, summer, and fall until late October or November when the leaves have fallen off the trees. You don’t necessarily need to water every day, but you do need to pay attention to the dryness of your soil. You don’t want the soil to totally dry out.

Normal Watering

The basic goal of watering is to prevent the roots of your trees from drying out. Do not wait for brown branches to appear or it may be too late. Please make sure your trees don't dry out the first year when they are first developing their root system.

How quickly roots dry out depends on a variety of factors such as the characteristics of your soil, how much rain there has been recently, current temperatures, what type of tree is involved, and other vegetation in the area. Note, some trees are so dense at the top, even if it rains the tree may not get enough water on the rootball where the water is needed. As the tree establishes itself, and the roots grow out beyond the branches of the tree, this becomes less of a concern.

Typically, watering time is about 15-20 minutes, 3-4 times per week during warm weather, but everyone's soil is different. Sandy soils may need more frequent watering and clay soils less frequent. During hot weather, you may even need to water every day.

It is possible to overwater your trees. If the trees are overwatered they will yellow and die. You want to keep the soil evenly moist and at a “cookie dough” consistency” at 6-8 inches down. If it has been raining steadily and hard for a few days in a row, you don’t need to water your trees.

Years of Enjoyment

By giving your new tree a good start, and providing it with enough water during its first year, it will in turn provide you with many years of enjoyment!